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cs-sheryl-davisSheryl Davis, Audit Partner

From as early as 16 years old I knew I wanted to become a chartered accountant. In fact I was so keen to qualify, that instead of following my friends to university after my A-levels, I chose to study a Foundation Course in Accounting, before signing up to a 4 years training contract.

I don’t feel I missed out on anything though from not going to university. Like Barnes Roffe, the medium sized firm I chose to train with provided me with extensive experience in auditing, accounts and tax matters which still serves me well today. We still have junior roles opening even today where a degree is not needed in order to become an accountant.

I suppose what appealed to me most about Barnes Roffe was their work ethic. Before joining then in 2002 as a client relationship manager, I had worked for a number of firms, including KPMG, who were consumed by deadlines and had very little variety.

With Barnes Roffe it was different. Yes the same deadlines were still there but their work hard/ play hard ethic really worked. We currently have a very strong team culture where senior members of the team are always available to assist junior colleagues. In many ways they are the embodiment of the phrase ‘team work’. They work, play and socialise together.

My job is very rewarding, even over 20 years later. I enjoy building long term relationships with clients and helping them to solve their problems. To know that I have helped their business to grow and flourish in as experience that still keeps me smiling at the end of a long working week, and is something I look forward to experiencing for many years to come.


br-image-1Andrew Barnes, Audit Manager

I had always found finance and business management interesting, so when I learnt about the benefits of the ACA qualification I knew it was the course for me. It really complimented my degree in economics and finance and provided me with the groundwork to establish a successful career as a chartered accountant.

I joined Barnes Roffe having completed my ACA graduate training at a small family firm. Despite the incredible work experience I acquired there, I felt I needed to expand my experience and open up more opportunities and Barnes Roffe offered me that.

One of the best aspects about Barnes Roffe has to be their continued commitment to my professional development. As well as giving me hands- on experience with clients in a multitude of different industries, their regular internal and external training courses to ensure I’m up to date with the latest developments in the key areas of audit, accounts and tax. This is backed up by my managers and partners who really know their subject and overall has made a real different to the quality of my work.

The firm is full of fun and friendly individuals who are always happy to offer support and advice, even outside of work we regularly socialise and organise events to relax after a busy week.


br-image-4Parminder Lotey, Tax Manager

After graduating in 2002 with a qualification in Accounting and Finance with Taxation, I worked for a sole practitioner Accountant whilst completing my ACCA training.

Despite qualifying for this in less than a year and a half, I was only exam qualified and needed to increase my experience in order to fully qualify. That is when I decided to join Barnes Roffe.

As a medium sized firm, I knew that with their help that I would be able to get a blend of experience across a variety of riches, whilst getting a chance to work on audit and tax accounts very early on in my career. In just 6 months I became an Audit Senior, and now I work in the tax office as a tax manager.

I definitely have got a lot of responsibility but I am always ready to accept new challenges. Barnes Roffe has supported me through and through, paying for my CTA qualification, and giving me the opportunity to experience real career progression. I have great hopes for the future.

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