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We're all about communication at Barnes Roffe, especially when it comes to our clients and contacts: existing or potential. For this reason we have set up our 'Blog Spot'. To help you to get to know our team, recognise our motivations and more importantly feel confident in the strategies we promote.We post here regularly, to help give you the insight and understanding you need to take every market change in your stride.

August 30, 2016

Pension Auto Enrolment update

The number of businesses required to automatically enrol into a pension scheme is set to peak over the next 18 months, with an estimated 1.8 million small (5-49 staff) and micro (1-4 staff) employers now being required to take action.
August 18, 2016

Tax Compliance – Proposed Increased Fines and Regulations

HMRC are proposing the following changes which they would like to introduce over the next few years:- A sliding scale of penalties for the late filing of Tax Returns. 4% of outstanding tax for Tax Returns filed between 30 days and 6 months late.
July 29, 2016

Sage Line 50 V22 B

Sage Line 50 – V22 B As always Sage upgrades its software regularly (usually annually), so what is new with V22 and is this ‘worth the upgrade’? With each update Sage is making accounting life easier for individuals, easing the volume of inputting and listening to users as to how and where the software can. . .
July 28, 2016

Brexit and VAT

The result of the 23 June Referendum was a majority in favour of leaving the European Union. There will be no immediate changes to the legal and regulatory environment, however the impact on VAT could perhaps be the most significant.
July 15, 2016

Autumn Statement November 2015

Mr Osborne’s primary goal was to deliver the Spending Review, so there was a heavy emphasis on departmental expenditure and the £4,000bn expected total government spending over the next five years.
June 30, 2016

Brexit Decision

There is some free space in the EU now.  1 “GB” to be precise!  Yes, the Brexit is upon us.  24 June 2016 will be remembered in history as the day Britain voted to become Independent.  The British now have only three vowels in their dictionary, having decided to leave the “EU”.
June 28, 2016

Pool cars and pool vans, make sure you get it right!

It is important to ensure that pool cars and pool vans are correctly treated or you could be issued with penalties from HM Revenue and Customs. If a car or van meets the criteria as being “pool” it means that no taxable benefit arises on its use.
June 28, 2016

Solicitors Accounts Rules – The New Approach

In July 2015, the Solicitors Regulation Authority announced changes to the format of accountants’ reports for solicitor firms. These changes were approved by the Legal Services Board and take effect for accounting periods ending on or after 1 November 2015.
June 24, 2016

Brexit – a personal note

Following our surprise decision to exit the EU, I have been asked by numerous people to offer my opinion with regards to the longer term implications this will have on Owner Managed Businesses.
June 10, 2016

Pension reminder for 2016/17

It should be noted that the following changes to allowances have been introduced with effect from 6 April 2016:- Lifetime Allowance Tax efficient upper limit fell to £1m. If fund value and age determine that lifetime allowance protection is suitable, you can obtain fixed protection at the current level of £1.
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