A happy ending…

Readers of this blog may recall an earlier entry from me relating to penalties imposed by HM Revenue & Customs (see blog ‘Taxman gets tougher’).  The background was that a self-employed individual without an accountant calculated that he had overpaid £3,000 in tax for the year ending 5 April 2009 and made a repayment claim.  After review, HMRC calculated that the refund due was actually only £1,000.  They then issued a penalty notice to the individual charging him 70% of the difference, a penalty of £1,400!

It is pleasing to report a happy ending.  A law firm stepped in and represented the man for free and after they became involved, HMRC cancelled the fine, repaid the £1,000 and even added £100 as a “goodwill gesture” because of what it called “irregularities” in the man’s case. I do wonder what impact all the bad publicity had on HMRC’s decision.

I also wonder whether the outcome would have been the same had the man remained without legal help. Somehow I doubt it.

It seems unlikely that the Taxman will be so generous in all cases, which does show the need for good advice at the proper time.

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