Barnes Roffe Diversity Survey 2019



Each year we undertake a confidential and no-obligation survey of partners and staff relating to the diversity of the firm with a view to understanding the diversity of the firm so that diversity in all forms can be promoted and obstacles to diversity removed.

As the survey is non-compulsory the results of the survey cannot be regarded as the whole picture.  The results published below are percentages in all cases of those that answered particular questions including those that answered, “prefer not to say”.

Barnes Roffe promotes as far as possible flexible working patterns and remote working and part time working.


The 2019 Survey Results

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Professional Qualification
ICAEW Chartered Accountant 52%
Other Chartered Accountant 15%
Other Accountant 9%
Legal 2%
Other Legal 1%
Other Profession 5%
Direct Support Staff 8%
Other 4%
Prefer not to Say 6%


Position within firm
Partner 13%
Manager 18%
Qualified 13%
Training 39%
Direct Support Staff 8%
Other 4%
Prefer not to Say 4%


16-24 31%
25-34 32%
35-44 18%
45-54 11%
55-64 7%
65 and over 0%
Prefer not to Say 1%


Female 46%
Male 52%
Trans 0%
Other 1%
Prefer not to Say 1%



Do you consider yourself to have a disability according to the definition in the Equality Act?

Yes 1%
No 95%
Prefer not to Say 4%



Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months?

Yes, Limited a lot 0%
Yes, Limited a little 5%
No 93%
Prefer not to Say 2%


Ethnic Group
Asian 18%
Black 3%
White 74%
Arab 1%
Other 1%
Prefer not to Say 1%


Buddhist 0%
Christian 32%
Hindu 3%
Jewish 2%
Muslim 7%
Other 1%
Prefer not to Say 3%
No Religion 48%


Sexual Orientation
Heterosexual 96%
Prefer not to Say 1%
Other 1%



First in family to attend University

Yes 45%
No 25%
Did not go 28%
Prefer not to say 2%



Did your parent(s) or guardian(s) complete a degree School attended between ages of 11 to 18

Yes 30%
No 66%
I don’t know 3%
Prefer not to Say 1%


Highest Qualifications
1-4 O Levels or Equivalent 2%
NVQ Level 1 or Equivalent 0%
5+ O Levels or Equivalent 4%
AS Levels or Equivalent 1%
NVQ Level 2 or Equivalent 3%
Diploma 1%
Apprenticeship 0%
2+ A Levels or Equivalent 8%
NVQ Level 3 or Equivalent 1%
RSA Advanced Diploma 0%
Undergraduate Degree 30%
Masters Degree 5%
Doctorate Degree 1%
NVQ Level 4 or Equivalent 1%
Professional Qualification(s) 36%
Other Vocational Qualification(s) 1%
Non-UK Qualification(s) 1%
No Qualifications 0%
Prefer not to Say 4%
Did your household receive income support at any point during your school years?
Yes 15%
No 76%
I don’t know 6%
Prefer not to Say 3%


Did you receive free school meals at any point during your school years?
Yes 17%
No 77%
I don’t know 3%
Prefer not to Say 3%


Are you a primary carer for a child or children under 18?
Yes 19%
No 81%
Prefer not to Say 1%


Do you look after someone with long-term physical or mental ill-health disability or problems related to old


Yes, 1-19 Hours 12%
Yes, 20-49 Hours per week 0%
Yes, 50 or more hours per week 0%
No 85%
Prefer not to Say 3%





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