East London Accountants

Since its establishment in the late 70s, our East London office has grown from strength to strength. From its humble beginnings in Hoe Street, we now occupy the whole of Leytonstone House and have over 60 team members and 12 of the firm’s partners are based here, providing a truly comprehensive service to our clients.

Barnes Roffe LLP
East London Office

Leytonstone House,
E11 1GA

Tel: 020 8988 6100
Fax: 020 8532 9020

Our partners at this office are:

Adam Dodds, BA ACA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: a.dodds@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6150
Alexander Bari, BSc CTA,
Tax Partner
E-mail: a.bari@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6117
Andrew Barnes, BSc ACA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: a.barnes@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6144
Andrew May, FCCA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: a.may@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6105
Gary Leonard, FCA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: g.leonard@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6138
Graham Wallace, BSc FCA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: g.wallace@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6108
Jasmine Worth, BSc ACA CTA,
Tax Partner
E-mail: j.worth@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6148
Layla Martin, BSc FCA CTA,
Tax Partner
E-mail: l.martin@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6135
Mehmet Hussein, BSc ACA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: m.hussein@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6127
Ricky Downey, BA FCA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: r.downey@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6115
Selven Iyaroo, ACA,
E-mail: s.iyaroo@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6103
Mobile: 07828 277 921
Shen Yap, BSc FCA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: s.yap@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6130
Simon Liggins, BSc FCA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: s.liggins@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6131
Stuart Moon, BSc FCCA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: s.moon@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6109
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