WeWork Moorgate/City Accountants

 Our Moorgate Office was set up in 2018 as an office linked to our East London Office.

Barnes Roffe LLP
Moorgate/City Office1 Fore Street Avenue

Tel: 020 3890 7360

Our partners at this office are:

Partners based in our East London office are:

Allan Cheason, BA ACA,
Audit partner
Email: a.cheason@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6103

Graham Wallace, BSc FCA,
Audit partner
E-mail: g.wallace@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6108

Andrew D May, FCCA,
Audit Partner
E-mail: a.may@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6105

Shen Yap, BSc ACA,
Audit partner
E-mail: s.yap@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6130

Simon D Liggins, BSc ACA,
Audit partner
E-mail: s.liggins@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6131

Stuart J M Moon, BSc ACA,
Audit partner
E-mail: s.moon@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6109

Layla Martin, BSc FCA CTA
Tax Partner
E-mail: l.martin@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6135

Adam Dodds, BSc ACA
Audit Partner
E-mail: a.dodds@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6150

Alexander Bari, BSc CTA
Tax Partner
E-mail: a.bari@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6117

Andrew Barnes, BSc ACA
Audit Partner
E-mail: a.barnes@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6144

Gary Leonard, FCA
Audit Partner
E-mail: g.leonard@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6138

Ricky Downey, BA FCA
Audit Partner
E-mail: r.downey@barnesroffe.com
Tel: 020 8988 6115

Our services:

Audit and Accounts

Finance Specialists

Corporation Tax Experts

Commercial Property Tax Experts

Expert Business Accountants

Management Accounting Services

Owner Managed Business Accountants

Statutory Accountants Specialists

Strategic Business Planning

Tax Accountants

Tax Specialists

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