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Kevin Bird Garages

“Since changing to Barnes Roffe their expert tax planning has allowed me and my co-directors to save thousands of pounds in personal tax and national insurance. This increase in net take home pay has been achieved without any additional cost to my company which is very important in these difficult times.”

Kevin Bird MD Kevin Bird Garages Ltd.

In a market awash with ‘specialists’, Kevin Bird Garages is the UKs Premier BMW tuning company and act as representatives for some of the world’s premier BMW tuning brands. As a company firmly rooted in performance engineering their reputation goes way beyond just the products they sell.

  • They only offer the world’s premier performance tuning equipment after conclusive testing on their own demonstrators, on both road and track environments.
  • Where other products fail they develop their own solutions specifically judged for U.K roads, such as their exclusive B Sport Suspension kits.
  • They have a historic allegiance with German BMW tuning manufacturer Hartge – rivaling the likes of Alpina in creating the world’s most stunning high-performance road BMWs since 1986.
  • They have an unrivalled team of BMW technicians that average over 30 years BMW experience. This includes backgrounds in BMW dealership, engineering, and development environments.
  • They give unique BMW-matching warranties on ALL of their conversions.

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