Westin Gourmet

Westin Gourmet

Originally brought together by our very own Audit Partner Shen Yap, Westin Gourmet was born out of a joint venture between 2 of Barnes Roffe’s existing clients: Soula Ltd (a leading digital agency that specialises in e-commerce) and Chris (an established wholesale meat specialist).

Seeing an opportunity to merge their two respective skill-sets together, Shen arranged for Soula Ltd and Chris to meet, and has since helped them to launch Westin Gourmet, the first website of its kind to offer premium meat online, in wholesale cuts, at affordable prices.

And the venture has proved to be a great success!

Following months of looking into the feasibility of the business; various financial models and the latest market surveys; Barnes Roffe enabled them to develop a suitable partnership model which drew on both party’s expertise and experience.

And the end solution was an equity and revenue sharing structure which suited both of their respective requirements.

Commenting on Barnes Roffe’s involvement in this venture, Darren of Soula Ltd revealed: “I wouldn’t have used anyone else. I have got numerous other e-commerce businesses that have required a different level of service from my accountants and Barnes Roffe has met my accountancy needs for each expertly, bringing to the table mountains of industry knowledge and business strategies…

Their personal service is what makes them stand out from other accountants.

From the very beginning we have confidently been able to pick up the phone and discuss ideas without being charged at every given moment. And this is invaluable during the launch of a new business. I know Chris and myself have both been able to benefit from this kind service as it has allowed us to share and develop business ideas and get good, quick advice without having to wait months for a meeting. It is because of their commitment that we have been able to launch Westin Gourmet so quickly and efficiently.”

Darren Beale

Nearly 30 years ago Westin Gourmet started out supplying top-posh restaurants in and around London. With a lot of graft (chefs can be very demanding) they were able to consistently deliver great products and service, building up their brand’s reputation. All their hard work; building relationships, searching high and low for wonderful, delish goodies has paid off and in 2010 they started to sell direct to customers online.

Westin Gourmet are members of the Guild of Fine Food and many of their products have won Gold Star Awards at the Great Taste Awards over the years.


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