Alternative Audit Methadologies

With the Global Pandemic going on around us, auditors have had to adapt to the changing work place in line with our clients.  Whilst we would have previously had an audit team out onsite at our client’s premises, we have now been carrying out our audit work remotely with information passing securely via online portals.

One of the issues that did present itself was the traditional year end stock-take.  Understandably, companies are trying to minimise the number of third parties visiting their premises / warehouses in order to minimise the potential health risk.  We are able to carry out stock-takes remotely using video conferencing facilities such as Zoom or WhatsApp.

Alternatively, we can carry out the stock-take after the year end and verify the year end position using a roll-back methodology.

We endeavour to work with all our clients to ensure that they can continue to fulfil their statutory obligations with a minimum of disruption to what is a challenging time for all both professionally and personally.

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