Strategic Business Planning

“Planning is an unnatural process; it is much more fun to do something. And the nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression.”
– John Harvey Jones

Most people running businesses cannot risk leaving their future success to chance. However, it is surprising how little time some owners and managers of businesses spend forward planning.

Is a lack of planning limiting your growth potential?

Often the day to day running of the business will leave little time for strategic thinking, forward planning, growth forecasts and investigating future development opportunities. Unfortunately, if you are unable to make time to consider these areas you may find that in time your business growth slows, profit levels may fall back and other companies may begin to move past you with new ideas and growth strategies.

Do you have short, medium and long term plans?

Every company needs a plan for the short, medium and long term. At Barnes Roffe, our partners are experts in strategic business planning. We are not only interested in your business as it stands today but are always looking to work with you to ensure that you capitalise on new business opportunities as they arise in the future. We pay particular attention to your specific corporate growth and development plans, making sure that we advise and assist you in achieving your goals in every way possible.

Having agreed a strategy with you, we will meetwith you on a regular basis to monitor progress and to ensure the achievement of the objectives agreed. The strategy will also embrace tax planning, financing or systems development. We act as a virtual part of your finance team, providing you with a rich resource of people full of enthusiasm and positive suggestions for your business.

Our staff are hardworking, ambitious, proactive, forward thinking, straight talking as well as being excellent networkers and relationship builders.

Offering advice about how to deal with a business or personal finance problem is useful. Taking a forward-thinking stance and coming up with an idea that stops the problem arising in the first place is even better. By maintaining close contact with our clients, we are able to take this positive approach, and because we know all our clients well we can make suggestions which are relevant to their circumstances and aspirations.

Furthermore, we don’t simply regard clients as businesses; we believe that your personal and business plans need to be examined hand in hand, as one cannot be achieved effectively without attention to the other.

These are some services we can offer you:

Finance director support

In a number of cases, we provide finance director assistance at Board meetings. This can be on an ad-hoc, or regular basis and is generally restricted to raising objective comments or questions about strategic plans or investment opportunities. Quarterly attendance works well as this helps to quickly build knowledge of the business as well as giving a reasonable time period for your development and investment activities to roll forward.

Tax services

As well as offering the usual audit and accountancy services, we are tax specialists. We aim to provide a reliable but imaginative approach to the delivery of these services which takes advantage of all practical tax planning opportunities. We do everything we can to help our clients keep more of what they earn by keeping to a minimum the company corporation tax bill as well as the directors’ and shareholders’ personal income tax and national insurance bills. You will find us an extremely useful sounding board for both your general and specialist tax planning.


We run free seminars every month on a variety of business related matters. These are aimed at giving our clients extra knowledge and input to make their own business successful and profitable.

A proactive approach to audit and accountancy will benefit your company.

The partners and staff at Barnes Roffe have substantially grown the business over the last 15 years by offering top class technical advice to clients and taking a really “hands on” approach in dealing with their needs to help their businesses become successful.

In addition to this, we are well placed as a top 50 accounting firm to look after all your compliance requirements be it audit, statutory accounts, tax computations, P11Ds, payroll and company secretarial roles as required.

We have specialist partners in audit, management consultancy and tax planning.

Our partners work in a variety of business sectors and look after companies with turnovers of up to £100m. In terms of your overall service provision, we know this is directly related to the partner responsible for your company. All our partners are motivated by the success of their clients and making sure that they don’t want to leave our firm. This means that we concentrate on our clients’ immediate requirements without ever losing sight of opportunities that might be of interest to them in the future. Waiting for you to call us is not an option in this firm – we have to help make things happen for you too.

Why not speak to us about how we can get involved in your business and help to make sure your future success is well planned!

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