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Need regular financial advice and information but can’t afford a full-time financial services director? Our team of Virtual Financial Directors may be able to help…

At Barnes Roffe, we understand that as a small business affording a full-time FD, especially in the current climate, may be beyond your budget, but this doesn’t mean your business should lose out.

If anything, such a climate has made the need for interim financial directors even more essential.

That is why we are proud to offer the services of our versatile team of part time financial directors…

In one affordable package, your business can benefit from the industry knowledge/expertise of a senior, qualified accountant who will not only get to know your business circumstances and needs, but will provide you with unique business solutions at a fraction of the cost.

With Barnes Roffe, you can benefit from the following financial director responsibilities:

  • Monthly management accounts
  • Business budgeting and forecast plans
  • Financial controls for improving cash flow and profits
  • Finance and fund raising advice
  • Improvements to operational efficiency, systems and processes
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns
  • Company accounts and Company Year End returns
  • Payroll service
  • Exit planning

More importantly, by taking advantage of our Virtual Financial Directors, you can utilise their skill-set to turn around a difficult situation or help your business to a better position!

So whether you’re just starting out; looking to finance your business or simply need advice on how to make your final business transaction, why not contact our Virtual Financial Directors today?

Senior qualified and highly experienced, with their support you can experience the reassurance of in-depth industry knowledge – as and when you need it – all without having to break the bank.

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