The Barnes Roffe “Quality Mark” Affiliation Badge

We are so proud of the people we work with, and of the work that we do for our clients.

Likewise, we are honoured that our clients see their association with us as a genuine mark of credibility and trust, and see our business as one that is synonymous with gold standard service and quality

Use the following embed code to show our Affiliation Badge on your website, or download the EPS or PNG files for your web team and make it any size you like!

Embed Our Affiliation Badge

Simply copy the code and paste it into your site’s HTML where you want the badge to appear.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Working with Barnes Roffe" width="125" height="125" /></a>

Working with Barnes Roffe
“Proudly working with…”
(Transparent background, 125 x 125 px)


Need Something Bigger?

If you want to apply the code and Affiliation Badge yourself to your website you can download either a ZIP containing a range of logo sizes below or for more advanced users, an EPS format version of the logo to pass to your design team.


Usage Guidelines

Why should I feature the Affiliation Badge?

Featuring the Barnes Roffe Affiliation Badge on your website will demonstrate that you are part of an elite group of businesses that work with Barnes Roffe, an organisation that is synonymous with gold standard service and quality, to which your business can be similarly associated.

Can I use the Barnes Roffe Affiliation Badge

If you are a Barnes Roffe client you can display the badge on your website and in other promotional materials such as leaflets.

Can we use the badge on our letterhead?

Yes you can. The badge should be used in the colours specified, or in black and white. A copy of the logo can obtained from the download links above or if you are printing in high quality, you can download a CMYK EPS here.

Is there a limit to the size the badge can be displayed at?

The logo can be used at any size provided the dimensions are maintained.

You should immediately notify Barnes Roffe of any unauthorised use of the quality mark of which you become aware.

Infringement area

The Affiliation Badge has an infringement area which should be left unadulterated at all times, thus providing the mark with its own space.

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