Brexit – a personal note

Following our surprise decision to exit the EU, I have been asked by numerous people to offer my opinion with regards to the longer term implications this will have on Owner Managed Businesses.

I could remonstrate with regards to many possible outcomes in both the short and longer term, however I am afraid that my answer in all honesty is “I have not got a clue!” My crystal ball seems to be more than a little cloudy this morning, but I can predict there will be a number of storms ahead which we will no doubt weather our way through and which may, or may not blow over relative quickly!

Naturally, I could add to the speculation and general hysteria that is abounding this morning but I’m not sure there would be any benefit of this.

Apart from repeating all other rhetoric, I can only urge investors and businesses with overseas activities to watch the stock and exchange markets carefully. There is a two year, possibly more, wind out period so once the initial frenzy calms down nothing too major should happen in the short term. Although I might also say the survival of the EU must now be in doubt.

Personally, I am simply stunned at the decision and what it reveals about the disharmony outside of the south east. It is a very brave call.

Of course, should our clients need any help or advice we will always be there to offer an opinion and our support.

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