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Ambitious, hard-working and driven? These are all qualities held by a Barnes Roffe accountancy trainee.

Our training scheme for school leavers is designed with the specific purpose of giving you the best of both worlds: fast access to credible learning opportunities and the consideration to allow you to focus on what’s important – your studies, whilst at the same time offering hands on client experience.

Qualification can be achieved in as little as three years although four to five years is more typical for those entering training contracts straight from school.

We would generally prefer our trainees first to study for the Association of Accounting Technicians

(AAT) qualification and move onto ACA courses immediately thereafter. This is a slightly gentler introduction to the training than in some organisations. In our view the greater emphasis that this allows on practical experience early on pays massive dividends in the more demanding examinations at final level.

Our school leavers can, by their own efforts, create a real difference to the service we offer our clients. Very often, in larger organisations, trainees can feel lost in a vast ocean of departmental structures and administrative red tape. At Barnes Roffe, you will quickly find that your contribution is not only highly valued but, crucial.

As a forward thinking and innovative firm we are looking for the very best school leavers who will help with our continued growth, success and reputation for delivering an outstanding service to our clients

So if you interested in becoming a Chartered Accountant but do not wish to go to university first, why not consider joining our team at Barnes Roffe. Our commitment to your training is second to none because we know the young people of today are going to be the energy and lifeblood of the firm of tomorrow.

If you wish to apply for our School Leaver Trainee programme and are studying for at least 3 A levels, or the equivalent thereof and have 6 GCSEs grad B or above, including English and Maths, please send your CV to one of our recruitment team using the Careers Contact Form on this page.

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