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August 24, 2011

Tax on gratuities

You may have missed a recent story about tax evasion from Germany which might raise a smile but also has a lesson.  Tax authorities raided a woman who ran a series of public toilets who was suspected of payroll irregularities and discovered more than they expected.
August 22, 2011

What is a “reasonable excuse”

Penalties are often imposed by HMRC for late payment of tax or filing, and the legislation says that these penalties apply unless there is a ‘reasonable excuse’.
August 15, 2011

Employed or Self Employed?

A recent Supreme Court judgement has again highlighted the troubled area of what is employment and what is self-employment and shows that it is not just H M Revenue & Customs who can challenge the status.  The case was Autoclenz Limited v Belcher and Others and involved a car-cleaning company.
August 04, 2011

Double standards?

You’ve got to wonder about the workings of HMRC. Admissions that huge numbers of people have been incorrectly taxed, reports that statements regarding payments on account were not sent out on time because of lack of stationery plus rumours of low morale.
July 24, 2011

Payment on account 31 July, need a reminder?

If you’re a Self Assessment taxpayer you’ll know that you may have to make Payments on Account of your tax liability, one of which is due on 31 July. Helpfully HMRC issue reminders complete with a tear-off payslip.
July 21, 2011

IXBRL – the future is supposedly simpler….

HMRC have recently introduced a new “on-Line” filing system for Corporation Tax returns with the impressive sounding name iXBRL which is supposed to make things easier.  Only it isn’t. One recent example concerned a return that the HMRC computer kept rejecting.
February 25, 2011

Year end tax planning

Year end tax planning… With little more than five weeks to go until the tax year end, now is the time to think about what you can do to reduce your tax bill.
February 09, 2011

Are stealth taxes back?

One reputation that the last Government had was for so called ‘stealth’ taxes.  Increases in taxes that weren’t really announced, weren’t really obvious.  It was a continual criticism from the Conservatives of Gordon Brown and the Labour party.
December 15, 2010

Flu jab anyone?

Readers of this blog may remember that last year I gave details of what the taxman thinks of the tax implications of various Christmas traditions at work such as office Christmas parties and employers giving gifts.
September 15, 2010

Sorry seems to be the hardest word…

So sang Elton John and so, it seems, Dave Hartnett agreed.
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