Going paper-free!

Are you tired of looking for old files and skimming through hundreds of sheets of paper trying to find a document? Do you wish it was easier to share your financial information with your accountant? Are you fed up of printing numerous emails and attachments in order to be filed away with your accounting records? Going paper-free is a great way to save yourself time and money!

I’m confident that at some point in each of our lives we have all wasted hours on end looking for a particular document that we cannot find. Not only is this a huge waste of our valuable time but it is also quite possibly the most tedious chore imaginable.

On the topic of tedious chores, another of those is gathering up all of your financial information ready to provide to your accountant – whether this be done weekly, monthly or quarterly, this always seems to be a lengthy time-consuming process and is never straight forward or easy.

A personal pet hate of mine is the requirement to print all information that has been received electronically in order to keep all of your information together in one place. Not only is this timely but it is also costly as the paper & the ink to print such documents do not come for free and is therefore an enormous wasted cost to the business.

Going paper-free is a fantastic way to avoid all of the above. With most businesses progressing towards paper-free it is now much easier to request for information to be sent to you in an electronic format rather than receiving masses of paper through the post. Using a good electronic filing system, all of this information can be filed away ready to be easily found in the future. Furthermore, there are great systems that can be used to share information between yourself and your accountant which means that your data can be accessed remotely very quickly and easily without the need of your time or assistance. Another benefit to going paper-free is the use of office space, HMRC advises that it is acceptable to keep accounting records in an electronic format which means the storage cupboards and shelves and boxes are no longer required.

With the implementation of a good electronic filing system you can find yourself saving the business thousands of pounds each year and gaining hundreds of hours of your time which would otherwise be spent on printing, stapling, photocopying, sorting, posting and searching.

Here at Barnes Roffe, we have visited many clients in recent years to help introduce new electronic filing systems which are bespoke to accommodate the needs and requirements of each business and these have had brilliant reviews with great feed-back.

Should you require any assistance from us, then please feel free to contact us today via post and we will reply to your letter within 14 days – just kidding! Please feel free to email us or call us using the contact details provided on our website.

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