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Be Aware – HMRC have reported that during the past year they have removed over 20,000 websites set up by potential online fraudsters, a rise of about 30% over the previous year. This amount is only likely to increase as the number of smartphones and tablets being used also increases.

HMRC advise that you do not click on any links in emails and messages that you were not expecting. HMRC or other genuine organisations will never ask you to enter your PIN, password or bank details. Taxpayers are losing substantial amounts of money to online crooks

HMRC will never offer tax refunds via text message or email. Any suspicious emails or texts should be immediately forwarded to HMRC who investigate such phishing attempts. Whilst their software stops a number of texts purporting to be from HMRC from being delivered, some will inevitably get through.

In addition, be aware of being directed to using premium rate phone numbers for services that HMRC offer for free.


Blog written by Nigel Kalb

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