Le Tour de Leytonstone?

I am delighted to see the Tour de France whizzing through London today. A true spectacle. I’m still not sure how this counts as a “Tour de France”, but I don’t really care. It has been fantastic for Yorkshire and will give a lasting boost to visitors to that fabulous county.

But how things change… only two years ago we had a complex pattern of road closures and travel disruptions around my office (East London) for the Olympics. Despite the moans and groans and predictions of chaos, the traffic and public transport continued to flow well.

This year, the Tour will pass within one mile of my office (that’s 1.6km to you Europhiles). I suspect a lot of us will stroll out to watch. Many colleagues have taken the day off to go into London or to sit by the roadside in Epping. From 10am to 5pm (approx.) the route will be shut to traffic, cutting this part of East London in two. Guess what… no complaints, no moaning and no predictions of doom.

So why are we so less concerned? I know it only lasts one day (and not even a full day at that), but I suspect it’s more that we are very proud to see our city (and our country) showcased in such a way. Long may we continue to demonstrate to the world that we do like a bit of a show!

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