Michael Jackson’s This Is It

I confess to being a big Michael Jackson fan, but even if you are not, it would be difficult to miss various news articles about the late King of Pop and his latest movie-documentary-concert “This Is It”.

I went to watch it – twice! – and before I let myself use the website as an avenue to glorify an idol, I shall stop.

What I really want to share is a review by Steven Ivory – not the actual review of the film itself, but an extract and the message. He says:

“In fact, that—truly getting ones s*** together—is the main thing I took away from “This Is It”. Matters not what you do or pursue in this life. After witnessing Jackson’s dizzying onscreen craftsmanship and indefatigable dedication to his thing, if you aren’t left with the irrepressible desire to step up your own game, then you missed MJ’s most dynamic move ever.”

I think he is spot on.

I, personally, and we, as a team, strive for excellence – always be the best at what you do.

For us, as a firm of accountants and tax advisors, it means having supreme knowledge and delivering supreme ideas and solutions.

For a widget maker, it means making widgets at supreme efficiency at the right quality.

But that’s not enough…being the best at what you do also means constantly believing and showing you can do more…and This Is It!

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