Posting expenses using Receipt Bank

Do you find yourself frantically searching at the end of the month for your expenses? Would you rather keep on top of them as they arise? With our assistance and the assistance of our Receipt Bank business partner you can maintain an up-to-date expense report, making the reimbursement procedure effortless and guarantee nothing is missed.

Receipt Bank allows users to upload their invoices and receipts while the automated cloud-based software efficiently extracts the data. It has benefited many businesses of all types and sizes by saving them time and costs, while experiencing real-time bookkeeping.

Uploading is even easier using the Receipt Bank mobile app, it is as simple as taking a photo. Receipt Bank will analyse the information on the receipt, recognising the date, amount, supplier etc.

To generate an expense report head over to the inbox online. Once your expense report is completed, you can publish it to your cloud software. Alternatively, you can be emailed a PDF version at any time.

If you would like to hear more about this, please speak to a member of the Accounts Services Team.

Blog author – Ronnie Lee

Posting expenses using Receipt Bank

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