Register of Companies and Businesses – is NOT Companies House

This week I received a letter from the “Register of Companies and Businesses” requesting that our client, a newly incorporated company, “pays for the publication of the company, and lack of payment will result in the lack of entry in the Register of Companies and Businesses”.

The recipient of this letter would be forgiven for thinking that the letter is from Companies House, and following the incorporation of their company that non payment of the requested £190 may result in the company not being incorporated (i.e. not appearing on the Register at Companies House). This is not the case and no action needs to be taken.

The Register of Companies and Businesses is listed on the Companies House website as a known fraud and scam, where they have sent requests for money to maintain the company on the register.

The Register of Companies and Businesses is not connected or endorsed by Companies House and the requested fee is not required to keep the company registered at Companies House. I would recommend that you contact your advisors regarding any similar correspondence that you feel is suspicious.

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