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We're all about communication at Barnes Roffe, especially when it comes to our clients and contacts: existing or potential. For this reason we have set up our 'Blog Spot'. To help you to get to know our team, recognise our motivations and more importantly feel confident in the strategies we promote.We post here regularly, to help give you the insight and understanding you need to take every market change in your stride.

August 10, 2018

Buy to let income

Britain has long been regarded as a nation of property lovers, with getting on the property ladder being a top priority for many and investing in bricks and mortar regarded as not only desirable but also as safe as, well, houses.
August 08, 2018

Company phone bills and how they could affect your tax

Most companies have telephone or mobile expenses, however not all companies are invoiced these expenses in the same way. Some companies are simply invoiced for their telephone or mobile usage and pay accordingly, however some reimburse employees for their mobile bills, and some pay telephone or mobile bills which are addressed to the employee.
August 03, 2018

“Why do your tax return at the last minute”

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is coming whether we like it or not, starting with VAT returns in the second quarter of 2019. As MTD rolls out all business will effectively be making their tax submissions on a real time basis. Personal tax will be no different in the future.
August 01, 2018

Casual dining sector: A perfect storm?

What was once seen as a sure fire bet for the High Street, now seems to be a poisoned chalice.
July 10, 2018

Company Car Tax Charges

While the benefits of having a company car and not having to worry about the associated running costs can be enjoyed by employees, the tax cost of expensive high-emission cars can be eye-wateringly high! It is perhaps worthwhile reminding ourselves of the basic rules and then consider how it might be possible to enjoy the. . .
July 10, 2018

How ‘Civil’ is a marriage?

Civil Partnerships On 27 June 2018 the Supreme Court ruled that the Civil Partnership Act 2004, excluding mixed-sex couples from registering under a Civil Partnership and only allowing same-sex couples to register, is a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.
July 10, 2018

Making Tax Digital: The future of tax reporting

With the proposed start date for making tax digital [MTD] moving ever closer we look at what this is, the projected timetable and the impact for various tax payer types. What is making tax digital? In a bid to simplify tax reporting the HMRC is moving away from filing taxes annually.
July 06, 2018

Private Companies Code of Conduct

Following recent financial scandals such as those involving BHS and Carillion, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) are encouraging larger private companies (those with at least 2,000 employees, or that have revenues over £200m and a Balance Sheet of £2 billion) to adopt a voluntary code of Corporate Governance.
July 06, 2018

Payrolling P11D Benefits

With another tax year passed and the impending filing deadline for P11D’s of 6 July approaching, I have received a number of questions regarding payrolling of benefits on a monthly basis rather than submitting a P11D form on an annual basis; although it does not remove the need to file form P11(b) on an annual. . .
July 06, 2018

Is your business reaching the end of its life cycle? – Applying for a voluntary liquidation

There are many reasons why the directors and shareholders of a company may apply for a voluntary liquidation. These could include retirement, the company reaching the end of its life cycle, or wanting to disincorporate and become a sole trader or LLP.
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