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We're all about communication at Barnes Roffe, especially when it comes to our clients and contacts: existing or potential. For this reason we have set up our 'Blog Spot'. To help you to get to know our team, recognise our motivations and more importantly feel confident in the strategies we promote.We post here regularly, to help give you the insight and understanding you need to take every market change in your stride.

March 04, 2014

Squeezing the Rich

It’s hard to avoid the subject of tax these days, and in particular who should be paying what.
February 28, 2014

Pensions – the worst investment?

I attended an excellent event last night.  It was the Barnes Roffe LLP Directors’ Question Time.  We were hosted by HSBC in their tower in Docklands and we had an excellent panel taking questions from the floor, with over 150 guests.
February 26, 2014


I’ve commented before on the way that the UK tax system impacts on the way some foreign sports stars view the UK and the issue has again arisen following the announcement that the Diamond League athletic meeting to be held in Glasgow in July has been granted ‘tax exempt’ status.
February 20, 2014

Don’t just think about the weather!

The rain must stop soon surely? We will then no doubt get a brief dry period during which they will decide it was “the wrong type of rain” and promptly introduce the ever popular annual hosepipe ban! However if you can turn your thoughts away from the weather for a short while it is worth. . .
January 20, 2014

There’s a Nasty Bug Going Around

Around this time of year there are a number of cases of individuals coming down with similar symptoms. Sweaty palms, nervous stomachs and an unwillingness to face the day. No, it’s not seasonal flu, it’s just January.
January 08, 2014

What’s your excuse?

HMRC has recently published a list of odd excuses it has received for those who failed to file their Self-Assessment tax return on time.  As might be expected, some people seem to be trying their luck! The list includes: 1. My pet goldfish died (self-employed builder) 2.
November 25, 2013

More assurance please

So you’ve survived the worst that the recessions, both of them, have thrown at you and buoyed by the green shoots of recovery and a bulging order book, as predicted by the IMF, you feel the need to be bold.
November 18, 2013

Here today, here tomorrow

It seems curious, given that directors are responsible for the preparation of financial statements, that the one area where they often feel little ownership are the going concern disclosures.
November 14, 2013

Time and the Taxman wait for no man – or Christmas!

HMRC have been issuing harsher penalties for the late submission of self-assessment tax returns since the tax year ending 5 April 2012.
November 14, 2013

Big Brother is really watching you…….

What do you know about your customers?  Contrast it with what companies know about you. Information is not only power, it allows you to make good decisions which benefit your customers.  It also can help you increase your bottom line.
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