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Audit partner Shen Yap has been especially busy over the last few months, helping two of Barnes Roffe’s successful clients to create an exciting new business venture, and we are very pleased to announce the official launch of our new client – Westin Gourmet.

Westin Gourmet is the first website of its kind to offer premium meat online, in wholesale cuts, and therefore affordable prices.

To visit Westin Gourmet please go to:

After the initial introduction, months of hard work ensued, from looking at the feasibility of the business idea, through to a suitable partnership model, which ensured that all stakeholders are happy.

Darren of Soula Ltd said “One of our challenges, from a financial perspective, is to have an equity and revenue sharing structure which suits our respective requirements. The solution provided by Shen has certainly achieved this and more!”

We are very pleased to be able to showcase this new venture as it demonstrates how we work together with our clients and contacts to achieve more. Please do not hesitate to contact your Barnes Roffe contact partner if you have any queries or comments, or indeed have an interest in linking with entrepreneurs.

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