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Business Startup is free exhibition, held this year on the 30th Nov/1st Dec 2010, for anyone thinking about starting a business or expanding a business. With over 140 seminars, over 200 exhibitors, advice, opportunities, and more, Barnes Roffe will be on hand this year to offer one to one business tax advice.

The Business Startup show is one of the UK’s best and most comprehensive information and advice resources for young businesses.

This year Shen Yap and Simon Liggins will be attending the exhibition to offer 1 to 1 advice to new companies on business tax and related issues.

Business Tax 121 offers you the chance to seek the advice and knowledge of a Barnes Roffe expert while at the show. You should pre-book your session, during which you can discuss tax in general, or how to tackle a specific tax issue which relates to your business or business idea.

Business Startup is an energetic mix of exhibitors, seminars, celebrity guest speakers and a host of interactive one-to-one sessions.

So if you’re thinking of starting a business, you’ve started one recently or are in the early stages of business, take advantage of our free, objective, one-to-one tax advice and come and visit us at Stand 266.

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