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We believe we are more than just your average accountancy firm. Our goal at Barnes Roffe is to engage our clients through a proactive relationship, which provides you with the resources and tools you need to enable you to take charge of your finances with confidence. Tax news, audit news and any new accounting news ... with the help of our topical tips, you can enjoy the benefit of being regularly informed of up to date accounting news updates which are most likely to be relevant to you and your business. So why not offer your business more. Take a look at our latest topical tips and see how they can help you. PLEASE NOTE: The Archive is a historical resource and by the very nature of these tips the details of tax law might have changed since they were published, so contact your Barnes Roffe partner before acting on any matter contained in these tips.

July 10, 2020

TT325: Self-assessment July 2020 payment on account deferral

A reminder to ALL self-assessment taxpayers, not just the self-employed, that you are eligible to defer your July 2020 payment on account until January 2021.
June 25, 2020

TT324: Waiving Remuneration

With the ongoing pandemic, many employees and directors have made some tough choices in respect of their remuneration with many deferring or potentially waiving some or all of their package. Waiving is simple to implement and results in you being taxed on what you are paid.
May 28, 2020

TT323: VAT: Failure to pay invoices, a reminder

In the current economic climate, businesses are facing immense pressure placed upon their cashflows and consequently, delaying payments to suppliers, including between connected companies.  This can cause a potential VAT ‘headache’.
May 14, 2020

TT322: Raising Finance For Your Business

In the current economic climate, the raising of finance for your business can prove a major challenge.  As a consequence, businesses are looking for increasingly varied ways of raising funds.
April 30, 2020

TT321: Remote Working “The New Norm” – tips to maximise productivity

Prior to the current Covid-19 pandemic, working from home in many industries was not considered appropriate or practical, with figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggesting that only 30% of UK employees ever worked from home during 2019 (with just 5% mainly working from home).
March 18, 2020

TT320: Delay to off-payroll working reforms

Amidst the uncertainty caused by the economic impact of covid-19, there has been a welcome reprieve for businesses grappling with the introduction of the off-payroll working reforms to the private sector. Steve Barclay, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, revealed the postponement late in Tuesday evening’s House of Commons session.
March 02, 2020

TT319: Tax investigations and Barnes Roffe fee protection

HMRC enquiries have become better targeted, and are being undertaken with an unprecedented level of detail and persistence. As mentioned in a recent Topical Tip (TT303, October 2019), total tax revenues in 2018/19 increased by £22bn to £627.9bn with tax investigations yielding £34.1bn of that – a 12.5% increase in additional tax on 2017/18.
February 13, 2020

TT318: Off-payroll reforms into review

Following months of disquiet, the government announced a review of the extension of the off-payroll taxation rules into the private sector.
January 30, 2020

TT317: New year, new government

How will the new government affect your financial planning?    December’s general election delivered a Conservative government with the sort of majority which consigns the knife-edge parliamentary battles of recent years to the past.
January 23, 2020

TT316: Key Business Trends for 2020

The environment, wellbeing, mental health and technology look set to be some of the big business trends in 2020. As we move into 2020, businesses will have to adapt in a world that places greater emphasis on sustainable business practices.
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