TT205: The Broadband Delivery UK Scheme

September 08, 2014

Get a grant of up to £3,000 for broadband connection!

The BBC recently featured an (FSB) Federation of Small Business’ report stating that one of the major constraints that UK SME’s face is the lack of high speed internet connectivity – particularly in and around London. The BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) Scheme is open for applications until March 2015 and offers applicants the opportunity to claim a one off grant of between £200 and £3,000 towards the cost of moving towards high speed internet connectivity. The grant can be offset against installation charges incurred by the network provider and / or infrastructure costs such as internal cabling and / or network switches and routers.

It is only available in certain regions (22 Cities at present) but all 33 x London boroughs are in the scheme so your business might meet the criteria. No one would doubt that having superfast broadband will allow your business to thrive by improving customer service and reducing costs of software and hardware.

With high speed broadband you can store and access files via the cloud and transfer large files very quickly and securely and enjoy a more productive and reliable service each and every day.

Indeed we here in the Uxbridge office recently secured the maximum grant of £3,000, which is delivered by way of a voucher, in connection with our proposed update of IT systems.

Sadly not enough businesses seem to know about the scheme but if you would like to check your eligibility within London please go to and on the first page of this site you can enter your business postcode to see if you qualify. It may be a bit of a lottery but for £3,000 it is worth a try!

Our Communications Delivery Partner, Equity Networks Limited are a Government approved vendor and have successfully helped us with our application so if you need any help just email Alex Hall at

Good luck!

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