TT91: Merry Christmas from Barnes Roffe

December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas from Barnes Roffe LLP

In this last issue of Topical Tips for the year we present a round-up of the issues from 2006.

  • TT76 Self-Assessment Filing DeadlinesHow you can avoid a fine if you are a little late with your return.
  • TT77 VAT On Employee Mileage ClaimsAverting potential repayment of VAT using HMRC’s new legislation.
  • TT78 Payroll Return IncentiveHow to get a £250 ‘thank you’ from the taxman by filing your returns online.
  • TT79 HMRC Spring & Summer DeadlinesA reminder about HMRC’s key deadlines between April and July
  • TT80 Benefits In Kind UpdateThe new rules changing the previously highly favourable tax treatment of IT equipment lent to staff.
  • TT81 Classic Car BenefitsIn Kind An explanation and update on the complex rules when a ‘classic’ car is provided by the company.
  • TT82 Online Filing & Van BenefitsInformation about the Chancellor’s latest game of ‘give and take’ in these areas.
  • TT83 Tax Return Filing DeadlinesConsequences of the controversy resulting from HMRC’s attempt to quietly ‘turn the screw’ on filing deadlines.
  • TT84 Tax-Free Business Mileage ratesLatest rates applicable when an employee pays for all their fuel in a company car then claims back the mileage for business use.
  • TT85 Construction Industry SchemeVery important information concerning potential tax liabilities for companies that engage self-employed sub-contractors.
  • TT86 Corporation Tax UpdateDetails about the Chancellor’s ‘volte-face’ concerning corporation tax as it applies to property management companies, small clubs and unincorporated associations.
  • TT87 Employee Benefit In Kind UpdateMobile Phones Changes to exemptions and new definitions subsequent to the Finance Act 2006.
  • TT88 VAT On Fuel CostsAn explanation of the complicated rules surrounding VAT on fuel used on business mileage.
  • TT89 Composite Pay SchemesThe Pre-Budget Report (PBR) made TT89 redundant as soon as it was issued. See TT90.
  • TT90 Managed Service CompaniesThe latest news

Whilst we try to bring to you important and useful tips, the very nature of most of the subjects means that things can, and often do, change at short notice. We would therefore ask you to consult your Barnes Roffe LLP Contact Partner for guidance in these important areas before taking any action.

We always appreciate feedback and would be delighted to receive your comments

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