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We believe we are more than just your average accountancy firm. Our goal at Barnes Roffe is to engage our clients through a proactive relationship, which provides you with the resources and tools you need to enable you to take charge of your finances with confidence.Tax news, audit news and any new accounting news ... with the help of our topical tips, you can enjoy the benefit of being regularly informed of up to date accounting news updates which are most likely to be relevant to you and your business.So why not offer your business more. Take a look at our latest topical tips and see how they can help you.PLEASE NOTE: The Archive is a historical resource and by the very nature of these tips the details of tax law might have changed since they were published, so contact your Barnes Roffe partner before acting on any matter contained in these tips.

July 25, 2007

TT100: Tax-Free Business Mileage Rates – Update

Company car mileage rates change… yet again! In Topical Tips 94 and Topical Tips we advised on the updated rates available for employees to claim on business mileage when they pay for all the fuel on a company car.
July 22, 2007

TT99: Inheritance Tax Planning Update

The death of estate planning using houses and will trusts… There has been much inheritance tax ‘doom and gloom’ subsequent to a media storm about a tax case known as Phizackerley.
June 22, 2007

TT98: Offshore Bank Accounts

Or slick collection method? There has been extensive press coverage of an ‘Amnesty’ relating to tax liabilities arising from undisclosed offshore bank accounts. This refers to an initiative by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) called the Offshore Disclosure Facility (ODF).
May 24, 2007

TT97: Business Stationery Rules

What is BPR? The rules regarding business stationery have changed, but remarkably little publicity has been given to the fact! From 1st January 2007 the following applies to business stationery whether in hard copy, electronic or any other form: A company must state its name, in legible lettering, on all: the company’s business letters, order. . .
May 22, 2007

TT96: Business Property Relief

Take care of your family assets Families or business partners usually wish to ensure that they can properly plan for the death of a shareholder. If they undertake tax planning or succession planning without detailed advice then unexpected consequences can occur.
March 23, 2007

TT95: HMRC spoof emails

A new angle on an old trick Phishing is a scam that has been around for a few years where criminals send emails to thousands of people. Historically these emails have purported to come from banks, credit card companies, online shops and other trusted organisations.
March 22, 2007

TT94: Tax-Free Business Mileage Rates Update

Company car mileage rates go into reverse In Topical Tips 84 we advised on the new rates an employee can claim for business mileage when they pay for all the fuel on a company car. With effect from 1 February 2007 H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has reduced the amounts that can be claimed tax-free.
February 22, 2007

TT93: Employment Tax Status

‘Can I hire somebody as self-employed?’ is something our clients ask regularly.
January 22, 2007

TT92: Construction Industry Scheme Update 2

Important news for the construction industry In TT85 we gave advance warning of the changes scheduled for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) effective 6th April 2007. Here we provide more details about these imminent changes.
December 24, 2006

TT91: Merry Christmas from Barnes Roffe

Merry Christmas from Barnes Roffe LLP In this last issue of Topical Tips for the year we present a round-up of the issues from 2006. TT76 Self-Assessment Filing DeadlinesHow you can avoid a fine if you are a little late with your return. TT77 VAT On Employee Mileage ClaimsAverting potential repayment of VAT using HMRC’s new legislation.
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