Cash and Carry/Wholesale Accountancy

The cash & carry and wholesale sector have experienced significant changes in recent years particularly following the arrival of large supermarket (and so-called ‘discounters’) and increased influence of symbol groups into the market. This has provoked an urgency to become more competitive not only in terms of price and operating standards but also an importance on producing accurate, reliable and timely financial management information which is monitored more closely in a bid to succeed in the face of the competitive threat.

Barnes Roffe LLP is experienced in the provision of regular financial management information for existing clients and our understanding and experience of the industry provides confidence that our reporting packages offered to clients will consider key financial performance indicators such as;

  • Profit & loss analysis split by branch;
  • Reporting by revenue stream (delivery/cash & carry), product range (e.g. fresh & chilled foods, own brands etc);
  • Analysis of working capital cycle, inventory cycle;

Barnes Roffe LLP also offer a range of other services tailored specifically to the sector;

  • Provision of compliance services including statutory accounts in accordance with UK GAAP and Companies Act 2006;
  • Value added compliance services including a statutory Audit;
  • Appraisal of internal systems and controls based on assessment of key risk areas specific to the sector including internal systems & controls of cash and fraud and stock management;
  • Business modelling and accurate cash-flow forecasting;
  • Provision of Corporation tax compliance and planning;
  • Remuneration planning, particularly for key employees and owner-managers;
  • Strategic planning and advice on cash management;
  • Benchmarking against competitors for both generalist and specialist wholesalers;

If you would like to arrange a more in-depth discussion with our team about our experiences in the sector and how we can help your business, please feel free to contact us at Barnes Roffe for more information.

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