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The manufacturing industry in the UK is responsible for nearly half of all UK exports and employs approximately 2.5 million people. We have the accounting expertise to deal with your manufacturing business.

At Barnes Roffe we have many years experience of, and work closely with a large number of companies in all areas of the manufacturing industry which makes us well aware of the many issues this industry faces in particular. The UK is renowned for being a centre of manufacturing excellence, especially with regards to precision engineering and niche manufacturing businesses. However, in many respects competition from low cost overseas operations has resulted in increasing price pressure for many businesses which operate primarily within this country.

By focusing on the individual issues and long term goals of each of our clients, we are able to use our experience in this sector to devise a bespoke pro-active approach to your company with regards to both your compliance and strategic planning requirements. By working closely alongside you, we can help you with your long term growth plans, look to improve operational efficiency, maximize profits and ensure your company is set up in the most tax efficient way possible.

Areas you may wish to talk to us about include:

  • Business planning and raising finance – we can help you identify the most suitable form of finance available to you.
  • Audit, Corporate Tax, VAT and PAYE compliance – in all of these areas we will work in a cost efficient manner, ensuring that you meet regulatory requirements with the minimum of interruption to your working day. We will always focus on our primary aim of identifying areas for value added improvement.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and strategic advice –  working together  with you we will ensure that deals are closed on the best financial and commercial terms possible.
  • Tax – as  recognized tax specialists we will look at your corporate structure and ensure that you are benefiting from all relevant corporate tax reliefs for capital allowances.
  • Working capital management, business improvement and financial modeling – it is important that your business has the right inventory levels, credit control systems and supplier payment policies in place especially as sufficient working capital is imperative in the current business climate. Together we can ensure every opportunity is maximised.

If you would like to arrange a more in-depth discussion with our team about our experience in the manufacturing sector, please contact us for more information.

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