Accounts Services and Outsourcing

Our accounts services At Barnes Roffe, we know that when you are running your business, you don’t want to have to worry about your accounts or bookkeeping, you want to focus on maximising the potential of your business.

Avoiding Unnecessary Risks

Business and life are by their nature risky.

Buying and Selling Businesses

Barnes Roffe has specialist knowledge to help our clients through the complex process of buying or selling their business.

Cloud Accounting

What is cloud accounting? Cloud accounting is where a piece of software based solely online is used for bookkeeping.

Commercial Property Tax Savings

If you own shares in a company which in turn owns property, either commercial or residential, you may be subject to a double tax charge on the gain in value of the property.

Forensic Accounting

Barnes Roffe is one of only a few medium sized accountancy firms that have the resources to provide such a specialist team of forensic accountants.

International Practice Group


Keeping key people - EMI scheme

The EMI (Enterprise Management Incentives) scheme is the most popular type of share option scheme available.

Management Information Services

At Barnes Roffe, we know the importance of accurate and timely management information in helping you to run your business.

Maximising Profits

Profits are like oxygen.

Pension Auto Enrolment: An Employer’s Guide

Your concise guide to the key facts and action points Auto enrolment is the statutory requirement on an employer to:have an appropriate pension scheme arrange for most of the workforce to be automatically enrolled in the pension scheme, and pay pension contributions into the scheme.

Research & Development

The Research & Development tax credits scheme is a generous Government initiative designed to stimulate business growth through increased business tax deductions and direct cash injections.

Strategic Business Planning

"Planning is an unnatural process; it is much more fun to do something.

Virtual FD

Need regular financial advice and information but can’t afford a full-time financial services director? Our team of Virtual Financial Directors may be able to help.

What Drives your Business?

We are all in business for different reasons, but how do you create wealth and at the same time manage your risks?To be successful and generate wealth for its owners, the business must have a clearly defined strategy.