Summer’s here and the time is RTIght…

Part and parcel of our job is managing the audit timetable around the needs and requirements of our clients – and I’m happy to say the breadth of our team here at Barnes Roffe means that we are nearly always able to accommodate.  One particular time to avoid seems to be payroll processing day – where our client’s internal accountants want to be left alone to focus on dealing with the payroll – something that rightly cannot wait.

With the introduction of RTI the payroll process has become even more onerous.  Given the time already locked up with payroll, in my opinion the time is right to consider outsourcing this important but time consuming function – to allow you and your accounts team more time to spend on managing the finances of your business.

By outsourcing your payroll via a firm of accountants such as Barnes Roffe, as well as saving you valuable time, you’ll get a fully RTI compliant payroll solution delivered by experts in the field.  Another area that clients are finding increasingly attractive is the ability of payroll providers such as us to also to deal with the payment of net pay to your staff and the associated PAYE/NIC to HMRC – a complete start to finish package. Under RTI, HMRC will now be able to cross reference exactly what is paid to staff against your RTI submissions – meaning it’s more important than ever that your payroll is right first time.  The wonders of modern technology mean that it is possible for us, via a properly approved and authorised BACS processing bureau, to deal with the payment process directly from your bank automatically – you’ll still approve the payroll but you won’t need to do any online banking or cheque writing.  Indeed, if you’ve got proper controls in place, (which I hope you have), your payroll will also almost certainly require priceless owner/manager time in authorising electronic payments etc.  An outsourced solution can remove this burden in a safe, secure and cost effective way.

Certainly something to think about when you’re bogged down in next month’s payroll and find yourself locked out of internet banking….

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