Main Capital and Other Allowance

Plant & machinery 100% annual investment allowance (1st year)
1/1/19 to 31/12/20
Enterprise zone plant and machinery (max €125m per project) 100%
Plant and machinery (annual reducing balance) 18%
Patent rights and know-how (annual reducing balance) 25%
Certain long-life assets and integral features of buildings (annual reducing balance) 6%
Structures and buildings (straight line) from 29/10/18 2%
Energy and water-efficient equipment and electric vans 100%
Electric charge points 100%
Motor Cars
CO2 emissions of g/km: 50 or less* 51–110 Over 110
Capital allowance: 100% first year 18% pa 6% pa
*New cars only
Annual reducing balance
Research and Development
Capital expenditure 100%
Revenue expenditure relief – small/medium-sized companies 230%
Research and development expenditure credit – large companies 12%
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