Social Security Benefits

Weekly rates and taxable unless stated otherwise. 
Statutory Pay Rates Based on minimum average earnings of at least £120 pw
Statutory Sick Pay                                                £95.85 standard rate
Statutory Maternity Pay Statutory Adoption Pay  First 6 weeks:      90% average weekly pay                            

Next 33 weeks:   90% average weekly pay up to £151.20

Statutory Paternity Pay  90% of average weekly pay up to £151.20
Shared Parental Pay  Up to 37 weeks: 90% of average weekly pay up to £151.21
Child Benefit (see ‘Income Tax High Income Child Benefit Charge’)
Child benefit, first or only child £21.05 
Child benefit, each subsequent child £13.95 
National Minimum and National Living Wage 1/4/20 – 31/3/21
    Hourly rate
Aged 25 and over – National Living Wage £8.72
Age 21 – 24- National Minimum Wage £8.20
Aged 18-20 – National Minimum Wage £6.45
Aged under 18 National Minimum Wage £4.55
Apprentice – National Minimum Wage £4.15
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