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Tax law is essentially a codified system of laws that describes government levies on economic transactions, namely taxes.

These include taxes on: your income and wealth; all capital gains; your retirement funds/pensions; inherited assets and the taxation of all companies, LLPs and partnerships.

The list is endless and can be quite a complicated subject to analyse due to the breadth of taxation topics which need to be taken into consideration.

Recent projects such as the Tax Law Rewriter Project, whose primary objective is to rewrite the UK’s primary direct tax legislation to make it easier for all to understand – without changing the law – has made this topic even more complicated to digest.

For this reason we recommend that you talk to Barnes Roffe to help ascertain all the latest changes that have occurred in tax law. With the support of our tax team, you can feel confident that your business is taking full advantage of these tax laws and is experiencing the best results.

Contact our tax accountants today, and let our team at Barnes Roffe remove all the complication of working out your taxes.

Why choose Barnes Roffe?

As you can see, at Barnes Roffe we are committed to offering you much more than a taxation service. Through the combined support of our tax advice, tax accountants and tax preparation services, we can help you to receive the tax advice you deserve to help ensure that your business is experiencing the best of all worlds.

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