The benefits of a dog in the workplace

Barnes Roffe have recently launched an Employee Assistance Programme called Care First to promote the mental health wellbeing of its employees. The Programme offers support and counselling to help with any personal and workplace issues.

The Uxbridge office has gone one stage further and have recruited Pepper, a four- month old working Black Labrador, who is the latest addition to the tax department.

There have been many studies that have concluded pets in the workplace helps to reduce stress. Some of the advantages include: –

  • A calming influence which can reduce blood pressure.
  • Keep spirits high and encourage laughter.
  • Encourage people to take a break from work which can increase productivity.
  • Dogs encourage people to interact with each other more and can be a bonding experience.

Rather than gasping for the first coffee in the morning Pepper makes the rounds greeting everyone with an infectious enthusiasm that gets everyone’s day off to a great start.

It is important to take breaks at work, and stopping for a few minutes to play with the office dog could be very therapeutic. Now all we need to do is convert the last few remaining cat lovers….


Blog written by Willa Fairbairn

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