The Hobbit, (broken) promises and ‘Arry…

After promising my wife that yesterday would be ‘Hobbit Sunday’ (we have been married 10 years and ‘Football Sunday’ was out of the question, or so I was told!), I thought it would be a good time for the mind to wander and reflect on those (broken) promises made just over a month ago. As a side note I suppose I am partly to blame for ‘Hobbit Sunday’ after buying them as part of her Christmas present, I should have learnt after Lord Of The Rings I, II & III!!

Anyway, looking back to January 1st, the first promise, like many many others, was Dry January. I did manage this for about three weeks, so I suppose that wasn’t too bad! It also meant I didn’t leave the house for three weeks (apart from work obviously…)

The next promise was to actually use the gym that I am paying ££’s for each month. This I managed twice! On a positive note, it was probably two times more than I did in October, November and December.

The third promise, and this was more of a foolish hope, was that my beloved QPR might actually get a point away from home in the Premier League. This did not happen! But this was out of my hands so I’m taking no blame for this one.

Talking of my beloved QPR, as it is transfer deadline day no doubt everyone will be looking forward to the scene of ‘Arry driving around in his 4 x 4 with pen and contract in hand, looking to see how many Ex-‘Arry boys he can sign again (I am not bitter about this!). I like many others will be sat in front of the TV tonight watching Sky Sports, hoping those rumours of QPR signing Messi, Ronaldo and Mark Noble are true!

I am sure I will be put out of my misery in a few hours…

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