Ticking tasks off the to-do list

Everything should fall into its own pockets….at least that’s how work should be.

Believe it or not, we actually have a blog rota to make sure that our valued clients and website visitors get regular fresh insight into the world of their accountants. It is my turn, and touching all wood (!!), I am delighted to be busy enough to have “blog writing” quite low down on the priority list. But here I am, writing my blog!

I suppose my message of the day is that work, probably like our lives, needs to be compartmentalised and then ordered by priority. Equally, what I have found to be very helpful is not just to compartmentalise and prioritise the work, but also to establish, whilst doing so, the time it will take to do it.

We are all fortunate enough not to have to kill time. It is time that is killing us. Therefore, knowing that you have 101 items on your to do list, compartmentalised and prioritised, but also knowing that a large number only requires say 10 minutes of time to do is infinitely useful. Not only are you able to plan better, but when you do have a spare moment to breathe, pick a few on the lower priority list which take a small amount of time, and cross them off!

Ah………I have just done my blog! Another short one crossed off the list on a cloudy and wet April Monday morning….

Have a good week everyone.

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